RIOT 2017 For The Punks!

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RIOT 2017 For The Punks!

Disturbance, Call The Cops (IT), Kansalaistottelemattomuus (FIN), Butcher Baby (UK), BREAKOUT (FR), Murder Inc. III, The Farts, F.I.S.T.
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​​Another year! Another RIOT!

The 3rd edition of RIOT is a fact! It will be just as loud, just as punk, just as drunk and TWICE AS BIG as the previous 2 editions. That’s right, you read that correctly; TWICE! – AS! – BIG!

RIOT has moved to a new location; the Maddogs Groesbeek (GLD, NL). A venue that has been going for 45 years straight on voluntary base! Featuring not 1, but 2 bars, and a stage that just breathes punk the moment you lay eyes on it. There’s one dedicated stage area, with bar. And one dedicated bar area, in which we’ll likely have a small merchandise market.

As mentioned before, this edition will be twice as big as the previous 2 editions. Meaning we’ll have more bands! And not just 1 day, but 2 days, yes, 2 days! (We’re working on arranging a camping area, close to the venue)

1st day will be the “pre-party” on Friday the 21st of April 2017. The evening will feature 2 bands, and we’ll finish off with drunk punk karaoke through the night.​ ​All to make sure you have plenty of beer in your system so you’ll be able to enjoy the second day of RIOT to it’s fullest! (More info soon.)

2nd day will be the “main event” on Saturday the 22nd of April 2017. We’ll kick off in the afternoon till past midnight with bands terrorizing you ears​ ​and making you move your feet! So will you get drunk, never wanting to go home ever again? HELL FUCKING YEAH!

The Line up for this day so far is​ (many more TBA!)​:

– Disturbance (NL): By now Disturbance is one of best known and longest surviving punk bands from the Netherlands. They play their own style of punk, inspired by 82 streetpunk and UK 77 style, touching the psychobilly and anarcho scenes lightly. In their lyrics you find questions, criticism and proposals about social, political or religious subjects and the values of punk and DIY. Several tours have been done, reaching from Germany to Croatia, from Scotland to Italy, and as cherry on top Disturbance did a 10.000 kilometer tour throughout China playing from Beijng in the north, to Hong Kong in the deep south by train. And now, they’re here on RIOT 2017!

– Call The Cops (IT): We’ve had them tear the stage apart in 2015, and now after several tours all across Europe they are back for more! Call The Cops is a 101% DIY 4 piece Rotten Raw Drunk Punk band based in Bologna, Italy. All Cops Are Bastards!

– Kansalaistottelemattomuus (FIN):​ ​Is a four piece Hardcore Punk band from Helsinki, Finland​.​ Rocking hard against the system is what they do – if you like anti-fascist post-oi & progressive anarcho-street-crust then this band is for you! With Deek (also known from Oi Polloi) on vocals their fast paced punk train will make you mosh like never before!

– Butcher Baby (UK): London based hardcore punk band featuring members of The Restarts, Blatoidea, Left For Dead and the Short Bus Window Lickers!

– BREAKOUT (FR): A Street Punk band formed by good friends from Paris, France. Influenced by the bands like The Unseen, The Partisans and The Restarts!

– Murder Inc. III: They’ve been at it since the end of the 70’s and are still going strong, creating fast and loud “aaszocore” that’ll blow your ears to pieces!

– Boycot: A political anarcho punk band from Alkmaar playing fast, raw, crustpunk since 1995! Lyrics against religion, animal cruelty, homophobia, greedy multi corporations and of course a continued diatribe against the sellout of punk rock!

– The Farts (NL): Fast and loud punk from Coevorden. Last year they sadly had to cancel RIOT due to their singer Dick being ill and unable to sing. Now, fully recovered, The Farts are back for a rematch!

– FIST (NL): F.I.S.T. is all about playing raw, loud, energetic, two fingers in the air punk! Strongly influenced by the 80’s punk sound. Their mission is simple; Get drunk, play as loud as
they can, and make you fucking pogo!

+ Many more TBA!

Further info will follow. Check back regularly to stay up to date!