MADDOGS METALFEST: Blind Sight, Massive Assault, Death Hounds, Deathisfaction & Forlorn Hope

MADDOGS METALFEST: Blind Sight, Massive Assault, Death Hounds, Deathisfaction & Forlorn Hope
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MADDOGS METALFEST: Blind Sight, Massive Assault, Death Hounds, Deathisfaction & Forlorn Hope

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Tijd voor weer een knallende editie van Maddogs Metalfest. Dit keer met een debuut show en 3 reünie shows! Live on stage:
After the release of their successful debut full length album ‘The Tenderstrike Salvation’ in 2006, Dutch metal act Blind Sight has stormed the stages all across Europe, the UK and Asia, playing and touring with numerous international acts like Slayer, Trivium, Mastodon and Machine Head. They played venues like the Heineken Music Hall [AFAS live] and the main stage of Waldrock, sharing the stage with the likes of Motörhead and Killswitch Engage.
The Tenderstrike Salvation is very well received with overwhelming reviews by the national and international press. Dutch leading metal magazine ‘Aardschok’ about the album; “One of the most fresh and original metal records released this year”.
In 2010 the band went into a deep sleep allowing the band members to focus on several other projects, forming bands like From Earth, Dead Man’s Curse and The Darkest Red. Now, eight years later, paths have crossed again and Blind Sight has returned. Finally releasing their long awaited sophomore album ‘March of the Clowns’.

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This Dutch band is around since 2003 and known for their energetic live performances and musical & composing skills. Diesel truck grinding guitar sound, pounding drums, supercharged bass and aggressive vocals are merged into the band called Massive Assault. Their music is a perfect mix of “early nineties” Death Metal & D-beat/Crust with Hardcore Punk energy. Massive Assaults musical style will truly ravish those who like Entombed’s ‘ Left Hand Path’, Dismember’s ‘Like an Ever Flowing Stream’, Obituary’s Slowly we Rot and Bolt Thrower’s ‘War Master’. Their latest release, ‘Mortar’ displays the band in ultimate shape.

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Death Hounds is a metal band hailing from Nijmegen, The Netherlands, consisting out of former members of As Enemies Arise, Through the Struggle and This is History. Death Hounds diverse itself from other metal acts by combining metal(core), hardcore and black metal in an original manner. With years of individual experience playing large and smaller venues, Death Hounds is capable of putting up a dynamic performance full of energy.

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Thrash metal beïnvloed door bands als Kreator, Havok en Exodus. Met bandleden van o.a. Panoptikon en Apollo Rising. Deze band uit Nijmegen stopte ermee in 2016. Maar het bloed kruipt waar het niet gaan kan! Tijdens deze avond is Deathisfaction dan ook voor het eerst sinds jaren weer live op het podium te bewonderen.

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Drie metalheads uit het rijk van Nijmegen die hun horizon verbreden. Deze muzikanten hebben hun sporen verdiend in diverse bands en zijn toe aan iets anders, naast metal. Gewapend met een loop-station combineren ze verschillende gitaarpartijen tot een grote ‘één nummer beleving’ liveshow; zonder pauzes of aankondigingen tussendoor. Na anderhalf jaar bloed, zweet en tranen in de oefenruimte zijn ze klaar om de podia te bestormen. Maak je klaar voor sferische post-rock/-metal, beïnvloed door bands als If These Trees Could Talk, Long Distance Calling en Russian Circles.