26 september 2020
Groesbeek, NL
Cancelled facebook event
Time: 18:30
Address: Kloosterstraat 9
Zipcode: 6562 AT
Country: NL


Anger Machine


Anger Machine is a five-man metal band from the Netherlands that simply won’t be pigeon-holed. But if you were to take the sound of Lamb of God, trashy riffs, Pantera-like grooves and guitar solo’s that take you all the way back to the great metal bands of the eighties, and throw them together, you might actually get pretty close. The band’s sound is modern; it’s characterized by groovy, fast parts combined and alternated with melodious and harmonious guitar play. Apart from excellent songwriting, the band distinguishes itself through modern vocals and high-quality guitar solos.



Mouflon`s conquest began back in 2012 under the morbid influence of such infernal genre forefathers as Entombed, Dismember, Grave, Asphyx and so on. The heavy and dark sound, characteristic for Mouflon, is a mix of old school death metal and doom metal that causes a variation in songs with soundwaves that make many buildings tremble. Influenced by the old school bands but not acting like a retro band, Mouflon bounces from one head banging moment to the next with a sense of pure destruction! Mouflon plays frantic and aggressive. What you get is a violent straight-in-your-face wall of sound that swings. This fearsome pack-leading herd takes you on a journey into the infinite dehumanization of all that is known. Mouflon is here to haunt, taunt and fully pollute your senses.



Hamerhaai is a 3 piece band born from the swamps and the shit that makes up the eastern part of the Netherlands. Too hardcore for true metalheads, too metal for hcpuritans, just right for people who don’t give a fuck.



Fearmonger is a new band from the city of Nijmegen. The band’s style is a genre-bending mix of all sorts of heavy sounds. The songs often have a solid old school hardcore foundation, which gets beefed up with grindcore, death metal, some doom, and anything else that will add to the sonic destruction.

Born to go to waste

Well here it is ! our first DIY studio video! it's going to give you some kind of idea of the music that Fearmonger makes! Be sure to turn it op to 11 while you're marking your calendar for Nijmegen Noise!, where we'll be playig our first live gig !

Geplaatst door Fearmonger op Zondag 17 november 2019

Temple Force


Temple Force is a heavy metal band influenced by and incorporating elements of different classic styles of Metal from the past four decades, such as NWOBHM, Power Metal, Speed Metal and of course classic Heavy Metal. “Returning to the source” is their first EP and was released in October 2019. Seven songs that show what Temple Force is good at: heavy, melodic, virtuosic and catchy.